This synthetic program develops an understanding of the interrelationship between humans and social phenomena through fieldwork conducted both inside and outside Japan. Engaging in current world issues such as “life and ethics,” “Depth psychology of modern people,” “healthcare systems,” “mechanisms of social controls,” “globalization,” and “cultures and ethnic problems,” students develop a knowledge base as well as investigatory and analytical skills in order to better understand the existence of humans as social beings. The program offers three areas: Ethics, Sociology, and Anthropology. Students are allowed to choose either one specific field of study to obtain specialized knowledge or to take an inter-disciplinary approach through the combination of various fields in order to widen their perspective on humans and societies. For example, some students may pursue studies in the field of Cultural Anthropology while learning ideas and methodologies from Sociological seminars. Through consultation with their supervisors, students are encouraged to individualize their course programs based on personal interests and academic goals.