Since society requires both high-level communication (including English proficiency) and information/media management skills, students are not assigned to a particular course within this division. Rather, they are encouraged to learn from both the course of Communication Studies and Information/Media Studies in order to successfully meet the demands of society as prepared members in the future. The Communication and Information Division is committed to providing a carefully designed interdisciplinary program to guide students to investigate a series of social problems that appear unsolvable if approached from only one specific academic standpoint. Students are encouraged to discover their own field of emphasis through examining various academic fields, ideas, and methodologies in order to pursue individual research. To this end, the variety of research topics may be as great as the number of students enrolled in the division. As a variety of fields are available for study, instructors' fields of emphasis will also vary from language, culture, mass-media, to management skills. On multiple occasions the division will invite professionals in areas of mass-communication and ICT as guest lecturers to offer practical lessons to students. The emphasis on practical learning and on creating an active, participatory class environment differentiate the division from the more orthodox learning styles and approaches of other divisions.

  • EKAWA, Yoshihiro. (Marketing,Business Development,Contemporary culture and Media Studies,e-leaning)
  • HIRANO, Junya. (Rhetoric, Communication Theory, Communication Ethics)
  • IHARA, Takeshi. (History of Linguistic Thought, General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics)
  • ISEMONGER, Ian. (Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Psychometrics)
  • LASKOWSKI, Terry. (English as a Second Language, Teacher Education, Communication Methodology, Qualitative Research method)
  • MIZUMOTO, Toyofumi. (Media Communication, Truism Information and Media Ethics, Branding Studies)
  • OHNISHI, Yoshitomo.
  • SAITO, Yasusi. (Literary Analysis on 18th to 19th Century English Novel,Criticisms of Modern Cultural History)
  • TAKEUCHI, Yu. (Ethics of the Hebrew Bible, Comparative Study of Jewish Philosophy)
  • YAMASHITA, Toru. (Discourse Analysis, Communication Theory, Applied Linguistics,English as s Second Language)
  • WATABE, Masao. (Business Communication, Project Management)