About the Center

Kumamoto University is a regional university striving to be an international center of research. Toward this end, we are constantly striving to maintain close ties with both local and international communities, while also contributing to the education, research and to our society. To bring these initiatives to bear in advancing the humanities and social sciences, On October 1, 2022, the “International Research Center for Manga Studies attached to the Faculty of Letters” was established as a research base for new and unique fields.

We aim to play a central role in the concept of ‘Manga Prefecture Kumamoto’ through collaboration between industry, government and academia, and at the same time to become a leading research institution in Media Arts and contemporary culture research at home and abroad, by establishing a centre for research in Media Arts with a focus on Manga. Our activities based on the three pillars of forming an international research base and disseminating results (research), developing human resources for research and development of contemporary cultural resources (education) and developing local cultural resources through archiving projects (social contribution).

Contact Us

2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City 860-8555
E-mail : mangarc[AT]kumamoto-u.ac.jp [AT] → @