This program consists of three academic areas: English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, and French Language and Literature.In English Language and Literature, students learn linguistic developments and changes in the English language through interaction between societies, politics, and cultures. They also engage in literary research, especially from the Middle Ages to the Modern age, focusing on lexicological and grammatical aspects, styles, and ideas. German Language and Literature guides students in learning about influential German philosophical currents and ideas as expressed in novels and fairy tales in order to understand the great impact that they have had on the philosophical formation of Japanese literature, as well as in the areas of grammatical and stylistic research, Philology and literary theories such as Hermeneutics. In French Language and Literature, students develop French skills while deepening their understanding of French literature through an examination of traditional French culture. All areas offer small group classes and seminars allowing students to involve themselves actively through presentations about and readings of literary documents in their original languages. After selecting an individual field of emphasis, students are encouraged to conduct independent research culminating in their graduation thesis.

English Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
French Language and Literature