Transregional Studies of Language and Literature consists of two research areas: Comparative Literature and Linguistics. Kumamoto University is one of the few institutions to teach these specialized areas. Research not being limited to particular historical events, regions, or languages, Comparative Literature guides students to explore various cultures and to learn from exchanging ideas and findings among fellow classmates and instructors. Students are exposed to a wide range of literature, from classical Chinese to Japanese, Chinese, and European modern literature. Linguistics also offers wide variety of study subjects from modern languages including dialects, to the languages of Mesopotamia, India, and the Hellenistic world which are interwoven throughout ancient history. This courses leads students to engage in student-centered learning, allowing for direct involvement in decision making through the selection a personal field of emphasis as well as methodology. Research fields include Phonology, Grammar, Semantics, Sociolinguistics as well as Psycholinguistics, and students are encouraged to pursue relatively new fields of research.

Comparative Literature