This course is divided into two research areas: Japanese Language and Literature, and Chinese Language and Literature. In the area on Japanese Language and Literature, students gain basic knowledge and research skills for analyzing literary sources through survey courses on Japanese language and literature. The curriculum continues with classes on specialized fields and seminars focusing on helping students obtain abilities enabling them to perform precise inquiries and observations in order to further their understanding and to pursue individual research. Focusing on China, Chinese Language and Literature allows for wide approaches both chronologically and geographically, in the research of literature written not only by Han Chinese but also by Chinese peoples around the world. Furthermore, this study field engages regions such as Uygur, Tibet, and Yunnan; regions that have been greatly impacted by Chinese culture while at the same time developing their own unique cultures independently. Students are able to interact with a wide variety of Chinese literature through specialized seminars and lectures.

Japanese Language and Literature
Chinese Language and Literature