Specialized and Solid Education for Leaders of the Next Generation

As one of the few universities offering wide-ranging research fields, the Faculty of Letters consists of 4 major divisions based on total of 9 different programs, and provides 23 distinct areas of study.The Faculty aims at developing deeper understandings concerning culture and society,while at the same time encouraging students to learn across academic fields in order to broaden perspectives.Applicants must carefully select a division and successfully complete the entrance examination process.Accepted applicants will develop foundational knowledge in the first year before choosing a particular program based on their interests in the second year.A large number of faculty members are available to support students, allowing for small group learning.There is approximately one staff member for every 10 students.

Practical Education
Our curriculum provides various practical lessons from research on current social problems as well as seminars to learn practical application and fieldwork. By learning from practical courses, the Faculty encourages students to learn from experiences first hand in order to develop creativity and to find their own interests and goals.
Advanced ITC Study Rooms
Each division has a study room with the finest computer equipment. In the first year, students are to learn about and utilize computer technology and develop efficient computer-based research skills for later specialized studies.
Research Room
Research rooms are available in each division and course for students and faculty members to interact daily and undertake research. Students and faculty members gather in this social space for casual communication, consultations on study and campus life, and to exchange information on research as well as job hunting.
Degree and Certification
After completing the curriculum, students will obtain a Bachelor of Arts. The faculty also offers training curriculum for obtaining a First Class Teacher Certificate for junior and/or high school, Curator Certificate for heritage institutions, Certificate for Social Research, and a qualification for Certified Psychologists. Students pursuing graduate studies can obtain an Advanced Class Teacher Certificate. However, it is important that all international students refer to their advisers to confirm their eligibility for obtaining Teacher Certificates, with regard to nationality, personal background, marital status and other criteria, and for working conditions which may vary depending on the prefecture.