The Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University is like a "department store of the Humanities," as it offers a wide variety of studies in the field of basic humanities arts. Originally established as The Fifth High School in 1887, it has since turned out many talented students who have gone on to work in various fields.

In their first year, all students take courses in four departments: the Division of Integrated Human Studies, Division of History, Division of Literature, and Division of Communication. They study a wide variety of areas, including liberal arts and basic specialized topics. Starting in their second year, they take more specialized classes according to their academic interests and specializations.

Our faculty is made up of teachers who are friendly, down-to-earth, and make learning fun. They pursue their research steadfastly and diligently, making significant contributions to society as they incorporate their research into their classrooms. Many have acquired large research grants from outside sources and are renowned for their superior research standards. Yet they are also quite approachable; they enjoy conversations on topics not related to academia as well. As students advance in their fields, their classes become smaller and smaller, creating a warm, family-like environment where students and teachers work together to pursue academic excellence.

You often hear the sentiment that the humanities are not conducive to finding a job, but that doesn’t apply here at Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University. The employment rate of our graduates is high compared to other universities in Japan, and students go on to work at a variety of firms and organizations, from local businesses in Kumamoto to major national corporations. I believe the success of our students stems not only from their high abilities but also from our faculty, who support them every step of the way. Our students and faculty work together to create a new global society without being held back by traditional methods.

We welcome anyone who shares this drive and passion to come join our team.

Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University
Dean Toyofumi Mizumoto