Career Support

Kumamoto University offers support to students in the form of guidance counseling and career services. When students require counseling on their future plans, Kumamoto University, through Career Support Center, is committed to assisting students in finding their best options. In order to provide full support for students, the Faculty of Letters has instituted a carefully designed support system consisting of a Student Support Committee as well as counseling services.

Career Support Center

Kumamoto University has a Career Support Center for students to gain guidance counseling and receive counseling concerning job hunting. At the Center, students can search for information on companies and job openings, learn how to create effective resumes and portfolios as well as how to undertake successful job interviews from the center’s professional staff. To offer greater support for each student, The Career Support Center also organizes various events and provides information on job hunting as well as job opening.

Student Support Committee

To entourage students to think about their future careers and goals in the early stages of campus life, the Student Support Committee of the Faculty of Letters provides various opportunities and information for students through lectures and conferences with former students, guest professionals and counseling meetings. Faculty members of the Student Support Committee work hard to connect students with private companies through exchanging information and daily meetings. Furthermore, because of the generous ratio of stall to students, students are able to gain careful and supportive advice through counseling sessions with faculty members.


Internship is a great opportunity for students to have professional experiences and expand their circle of contacts. Offering the internship program as part of the curriculum, Kumamoto University encourages students to use this opportunity to examine and shape their future plans.

April Explanatory Session on Internship Introductory Lector for Career Plan (available only for 2nd and 3rd year students)
July Career Support Lecture: Basic Information (available for all students)
August Internship (Actual Experience at state organizations and Career Support Lecture: Basic Information [available for all students] private companies)
September Career Support Lecture for Female Student (available for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates and 1st year graduates)
October Individual Conference (available for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates and 1st year graduate students) 1st Survey of Current Prospects (4th year undergraduates and 2nd year graduates)
November Career Support Conference (inviting former Kumamoto University students as guest professionals) Career Support Lecture for Teacher Trainees (available for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates and 1st year graduates)
December Special Lecture for Teaching Staff Examination (available for all students)
January Survey of Current Job Prospects (4th year undergraduates and 2nd year graduates)
March〜 2nd Survey of Current Prospects (New alumni and alumnae)


  • Curator Certificate
  • Certificate for Social Research
  • Certified Psychologists
  • Teacher Certificate for Junior High and/or High School

You need to practice writing an effective resume and Entry Sheet, as Japanese companies will closely evaluate your Japanese proficiency level. Group discussions and interviews are very important stages in the job-hunting process. Therefore, students should prepare themselves by getting advice from faculty members and other students. Interviewees are often given only a short period of time for introductions and to express ideas in interviews. Prospective employees must be able to answer questions such as “what have you learned,”“why do you want to work in Japan,” and “what is your future goal,” clearly and effectively.