The Faculty of Letters Mission Statement

The Faculty of Letters is committed to offering and communication / media studies, the finest specialized education in the areas of the humanities,sociology,anthropology, history, for students to develop skills to exercise expertise,analyze problems at hand, and put ideas into practice.The faculty guides students towards obtaining abilities to be used in the development and creation of culture for the next generation as well as the development of problem solving capabilities.Our mission is to produce leaders who will contribute to the world both locally and globally.

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Division of Integrated Human Studies
This division examines ideal human and social conditions from three frameworks: humans,society,and locality, committing to develop research skills through fieldworks, theoretical understandings from academic lectures, and analytical abilities by performing series of experiments. Students are expected to fully participate in our educational processes to be able to self-directed learner who pursue their own academic goals.
Division of History
This division is committing to guiding students towards an understanding of the core of “humanity,” “society,” and “historical moment” through examination of the events and historical trends of the “past” through the lens of the “current.” The Division of History urges applicants to become interested in studying human nature and human potential in order to shape society into the future.
Division of Literature
Students learn and research languages and literature. To some extent, this division engages in the research of human “lives” through the activities of creating/ nurturing languages and cultures. Given opportunities to learn various foreign languages and literatures,students are expected to develop abilities of perception while widening perspectives,theoretical understandings,analytical abilities and skills in order to clearly express individual ideas..
Division of Communication and information
This Division aids students in the acquisition of high English proficiency and communication skills, as well as expertise in technology mediated communication in order to become leaders in the ever-evolving modern information society.Applicants are expected to be motivated towards learning technological skills, such as mass media and internet,as well as to obtaining high English communication skills.

Admission Policy

If you are interested in studying at the Faculty of Letters, please contact the Admission Office for more information, admission criteria and application procedures.