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Open Recruitment of a Woman for a Full-Time Faculty Position


The Faculty of Letters at Kumamoto University is now announcing the open recruitment of a highly qualified woman researcher for a full-time faculty position. Please distribute or post this announcement.

1. Affiliation

Department of Communication and Information Studies, Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University

2. Position

One position for Associate Professor or Assistant Professor

3. Research field

Psychology for communication (social psychology; an applicant versed also in clinical psychology will be preferred)

4. Teaching responsibilities

(1) Classes and seminars (at both the undergraduate and graduate levels) covering various psychological problematics emerging in different social contexts, for example, in groups/organisations and, media, as well as individuals in relation to diverse aspects of human communication. Thesis supervision including at the doctoral level.
(2) English classes as part of the General Education program

5. Planned hiring date

April 1, 2017

6. Required qualifications

An applicant will be required to:
(1) hold a doctoral degree before the day of employment.
(2) have international publications.
(3) have enthusiasm for teaching and research, and also willingness to take responsibility in administration and in making a social contribution.
(4) have sufficient command of Japanese to fulfil professional and administrative responsibilities.

7. Support for research

We will offer material and motivational support necessary for the successful candidate to pursue further research. The budgetary support will be based on the rules of the faculty.

8. Application documents

(1) Curriculum Vitae. Include educational experience and a list of all research associations with which you have participated. Attach a photograph.
If you would like consideration to be given to the period(s) when your primary focus was on childbirth, child rearing, or care for a family member (full-time or otherwise), please provide relevant explanations.
(2) List of Publications. Forms are optional. In all publications, please include name of authors, titles, publication dates, journal and book titles, volume and number, page numbers. Mark
with a double-circle the primary publication and with a single-circle the secondary (i.e., second best) publication. At least one of the primary and secondary publications must be written in English.
(3) Six copies of two major publications (the primary and secondary publications). Photocopies are acceptable. Please attach a summary in Japanese in about 800 characters to each publication.
(4) An outline of your research and educational experience up until now in about 800 words in English and its Japanese translation.
(5) Statement of your research and teaching plans at Kumamoto University in about 800 words in English and its Japanese translation.

9. Method of submission

(1) By registered mail or courier
(2) Clearly indicate “Application material enclosed, Social Psychology” in red on the envelope
Note: Application materials will not be returned to applicants.

10. Where to send application materials

Application materials should be sent to Professor Toyofumi Mizumoto, Dean, Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University
2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi 860-8555, Japan

11. Deadline for application

All materials must be received by August 31 (Wednesday), 2016.

12. Method of selection

An interview is planned in late September for short-listed candidates. Travel and accommodation expenses will not be provided.

13. Inquiry

The Section of General Affairs, Administrative Division of Social and Cultural Sciences, Kumamoto University.
Tel: (096) 342-2320
E-mail: jsj-somu@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp (for the condition of employment)

Prof. Yu Takeuchi, Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University
Email: takeuchi@kumamoto-u.ac.jp (for questions concerning academic qualifications)

14. Other notes

Kumamoto University promotes gender equality. (For details please visit the website http://gender.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/ * only in Japanese). The selection process will be properly conducted in accordance with the spirit of the Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society.

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