Student Life in English Department 2003

Welcome Party for 2nd-Year Students
at "Osama syokudo," Sakae-dori, 26/4/03

Open Campus: Can you see the sign "English" on our Department's windows?

Visitors to our Department on Campus Open Day (more on the left), 22/8/03

Fourth-year students putting the final touches to BA theses, late at night, 6/1/04.

They welcomed the new year here in Student Room 1. English-English dictionaries, Thesauruses, and MLA Handbooks are seen on the desks.

Public Presentation of BA Theses at C106, 13/2/04

Farewell Party for 4th-Year Students at "Momenya Hanare," Ansei-machi, 13/2/04

Graduands holding gifts from their juniors, "Momenya Hanare," 13/2/04

In SR1 on the commencement day , 25/3/04

Graduates under campus cherries, 25/3/04

Farewell Party at "Akarenga," Minamitsuboi-machi, 25/3/04