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【アフリカ学会】ロンドン大学SOAS マチコ・ニサンケ教授によるセミナー


日時 2016年2月12日(金) 12:30-14:30
場所 アジア経済研究所 C22会議室
 ※ JR京葉線 海浜幕張駅より徒歩8分

Machiko Nissanke (Emeritus Professor of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London)
Macroeconomic Foundation for Structural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa
言語 英語
   Based on my background paper written in 2014 for the UN ECA, my 
seminar talk would focus on road maps for laying a macroeconomic 
foundation for structural transformation in Africa, wherein structure 
transformation is defined explicitly as development processes involving 
both productivity-enhancing structural change and institutional and 
societal transformation towards creating an articulate economy and an 
inclusive society. In my talk I examine how to achieve an articulated 
economy through deepening of regional integration towards the creation 
of vibrant regional markets with dynamic externalities and spillovers, 
and agglomeration-clustering effects. Towards this end I discuss three 
pillars for the foundation by: i) investing in human resources; ii) 
building economic and social infrastructures; and iii) realizing 
institutional transformation for productive private-public coalition.  
   As entered the 21st century, at the backdrop of the narrative of ‘
Africa rising’, Africa is positioned at a historically juncture with new 
opportunities as well as formidable challenges. In this conjuncture, it 
is argued that besides ensuring macro stability, macroeconomic policies 
should be envisioned in relation to an overall, pro-active, 
developmental strategy specifically designed for facilitating the 
process of transformation of economic and social structures with a view 
to ensuring a positive feedback loop in the investment-growth nexus as 
well as to engendering a pro-poor, shared growth. 
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