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【新着図書・ジャーナル】no. 234




1.  Linguistic anthropology : a reader. 2nd ed
2. A reader in medical anthropology : theoretical trajectories, emergent realities
3. When God talks back : understanding the American evangelical relationship with God. 1st vintage books ed
4. Of two minds : an anthropologist looks at American psychiatry. 1st vintage books ed
5. Contesting identities : the Mijikenda and their neighbors in Kenyan coastal society
6. The anthropology of media : a reader
7. 哲学を回避するアメリカ知識人 : プラグマティズムの系譜
8. 部分的つながり
9. インディオの気まぐれな魂



1. Annual Review of Anthropology 44, 2015

2. American Ethnologist 42(4)

3. Anthropology News 56(11-12) 

Painting Anthropology
Zoe Bray (U of Nevada, Reno)
Visual Field Notes: Why Draw?
Crossing Disciplines: Art and Anthropology
Carrie Ida Edinger
Two Anthropologists Look beyond Diplomacy for a Peace Framework in South Sudan
AN Interview 
Naomi Pendle and Sharon Hutchinson
Journal of the British Institute in Eastern Africa 
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