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文化人類学会経由でのお知らせです。連絡先のEメールアドレスはCCIのHP: にてご確認ください。本ウェブページではメールアドレス部分を消しています。

■13th Seminar of Anthropology of Education and Learning

I am pleased to inform you that 13th Seminar of Anthropology of
Education and Learning, a serial seminar that have been carried out
since Academic Year 2012, will be held in Kyoto University on 9th
(Friday) October 2015. This time we invite Dr. Sheena Shah
<> from the Centre for
African Language Diversity (CALDi), University of Cape Town. Dr. Shah
has actively worked on the maintenance, shift, and education of
endangered languages, particularly what we call Khoisan languages. She
is currently in Japan as a visiting scholar of the Graduate School of
Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS), Kyoto University. In this
seminar she will give us a talk titled “Writing for speaking: The
development of Nǀuu educational materials” in order to review
achievements and challenges to revitalize the Nǀuu language, one of
the Khoisan languages.
              This is an admission-free seminar. For attending it,
please inform us your (1) name, (2) affiliation, and (3) attendance or
not in the reception, to the following email address
<* Plz find the email address at CCI Web Page:>, for preparing the room, handouts, and reception. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Shah 博士<>をお招きします.Shah博士は危機言語,とくに南部アフリカのコイサン諸語の維持,変化,教育について活発な研究活動を行っている気鋭の研究者で,現在は京都大学大学院アジア・アフリカ地域研究研究科(ASAFAS)の客員研究員として日本に滞在中です.今回はShah博士に“Writing
for speaking: The development of Nǀuu educational materials”
  会場,懇親会(シンポジウム直後に有志で行います.会費は実費を徴収する予定です)等の準備のため,参加を希望される方は関 宏貴まで(1)お名前と(2)ご所属,(3)懇親会への参加の有無を(※連絡先のEメールアドレスはCCIのHP: にてご確認ください)までご連絡ください.みなさま何卒ふるってご参加下さい.

13th Seminar of Anthropology of Education and Learning

Venue: Small Meeting Room 1, Inamori Memorial Foundation Building
(third floor), Kyoto University

9th October 2015 (Friday)

Akira Takada (Kyoto University)

15:10-17:00 (including discussion)
Writing for speaking: The development of Nǀuu educational materials
Sheena Shah (University of Cape Town / Kyoto University)


The talk is given in English. Admission-free for attending the
seminar. For the reception, contribution for the actual expenses will
be required.

Financially supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
"Cultural and ecological foundations of education and learning: An
anthropological study on rhythm, imitation, and exchange (Primary
Investigator: Akira Takada)"
Co-hosted with 26th Kyoto University African Study Seminar (KUASS)
(主催:文部科学省 科学研究費補助金 基盤研究(A)「教育・学習の文化的・生態学的基盤:リズム,模倣,交換の発達に関する人類学的研究」(代表:高田明)
共催:41st Kyoto University African Study Seminar (KUASS) )

Contact: c/o Ms. Megumi Nakayama, CCI Project, Kyoto University
(問い合わせ:京都大学CCIプロジェクト室 関 宏貴)








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