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The Go-Betweens

Owen Bennett-Jones

Martin McGuinness still denies sending the message stating that ‘our war is over’ which started the correspondence with John Major, and it is pretty clear in retrospect that one of the intermediaries in the chain between the government and the IRA did in fact embellish the message. The Northern Ireland peace process began with an exaggeration. Or what others might call a falsehood. More

The Hackney Underworld

Iain Sinclair

The compulsion to dive beneath the carpet of river terrace deposits, Hackney gravel, shale and mudstone, down through old workings, the slag and clinker of demolished terraces and lost theatres, is demonstrated by every stratum of society, from City Hall and the major developers, offshore speculators hidden behind front companies and proxies, to unsponsored art collectives and ‘place-hacking’ crews posing for high-resolution selfies in Secret State bunkers and sewage outfalls. Underworld is the coming battleground. More

An American Show Trial

Francis FitzGibbon

The 9/11 attacks precipitated much hasty and panicked action by the US authorities: hence the Patriot Act and the other instruments of at best dubious legality that the Bush administration used to advance the war on terror. But as a tale of legal chicanery by a government, of moral panic and of complicity on the part of the judiciary, what happened to the Holy Land Foundation is hard to beat. More

Bad Captains

Rachel Kushner

A few hours after the 17-deck Costa Concordia set sail, with everything routine, Captain Schettino gave an order for the ship to slow down so that he could enjoy to the full his dessert and drain the decanter of red wine he was sharing with his 25-year-old blonde Moldovan stowaway. More


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