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Face to Face with Rembrandt

T.J. Clark

The world of faces is rightly Rembrandt’s, and ours in turn: we inhabit it as we would a hall of mirrors. Rembrandt struts about the darkened room, owner and impresario, and what he intends to show us above all is our powerlessness in the ‘face’ of physiognomies. A face, he will demonstrate, is a machine for exteriorising – exchanging, universalising – subjectivity. More

I was a Greek neo-fascist

Alexander Clapp

In Kalamata I introduce myself as an American neo-fascist with a strong interest in Greek history. Sceptically at first, later with fervour, a few members of the Golden Dawn invite me to attend meetings. More

Under Kafka’s Spell

Rivka Galchen

It has been said of Kafka’s work many times that the thing to remember is that it is funny. Kafka was known to laugh uncontrollably when reading his work aloud to friends, and though that sounds more like anxiety than hilarity to me, the funny point endures. But what kind of funny is he? More

Rage in Jerusalem

Nathan Thrall

Israelis don’t like to admit it, but both intifadas brought significant progress to the Palestinians in their quest for liberation. More


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