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American Anthropologist, Volume 116, Issue 3

And the Rest Is History: A Conversation with Sidney Mintz (497–510) 
Sidney Mintz and Jonathan T. Thomas

Resisting Commensurability: Against Informed Consent as an Anthropological Virtue (511–522) 
Kirsten Bell

The Demise of the Bumbler and the Crock: From Experience to Accountability in Medical Education and Ethnography (523–534) 
Janelle S. Taylor

A Changing Climate for Anthropological and Archaeological Research? Improving the Climate-Change Models (535–548) 
Paul Roscoe

Social-Science Fiction: The Genesis and Legacy of Horace Miner's "Body Ritual among the Nacirema" (549–561) 
Mark Burde

Science, the Media, and Interpretations of Upper Paleolithic Figurines (562–577) 
April Nowell and Melanie L. Chang

Holding On: Adoption, Kinship Tensions, and Pregnancy in the Marshall Islands (578–590) 
Elise Berman

Paternal Investment and the Positive Effects of Fathers among the Matrilineal Mosuo of Southwest China (591–610) 
Siobhán M. Mattison, Brooke Scelza and Tami Blumenfield

Making Law: Small-Scale Trade and Corrupt Exceptions at the Vietnam–China Border (611–625) 
Kirsten W. Endres

Revelations of the World: Transnationalism and the Politics of Perception in Papua New Guinea (626–642) 
James Slotta

Ply, Markedness, and Redundancy: New Evidence for How Andean Khipus Encoded Information (643–648) 
Sabine Hyland

Visual Anthropology, World Anthropology, Book Reviews, Obituaries, and Erratum

Editing the Visual Anthropology Section of American Anthropologist: A Brief Statement from the Incoming Editors (649) 
John L. Jackson Jr., Deborah A. Thomas and Stanton E. F. Wortham

Notes from the Wilderness (650–651) 
John Melville Bishop

Forging Deeper into the Wilderness: The State of Visual Anthropology Today (652–653) 
Brent Luvaas

David Bowie Is... (653–655) 
Liam Buckley

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky; Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (655–656) 
Noam Osband

Historical, Institutional, and Personal Dimensions of World Anthropology (657) 
Jim Weil

On Kunio Yanagita's 1934 "World Folkloristics" Project: A Precursor to World Anthropology (658–662) 
Takami Kuwayama

Doing Anthropology in Yucatan: Notes from a Mexican Periphery (662–667) 
Gabriela Vargas-Cetina and Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz

Weaving Knowledge Histories around Political Engagement: A Story of Anthropological Understanding (668–672) 
Susana Narotzky

Robert Van Kemper (1945–2013) (707–708) 
Caroline B. Brettell

Helen Icken Safa (1930–2013) (709–711) 
June Nash

George Ward Stocking Jr. (1928–2013) (712–714) 
Regna Darnell

For: "Contemporary Biological Anthropology in 2013: Integrative, Connected, and Relevant" by Katherine C. MacKinnon in American Anthropologist 116(2) (715) 
This article corrects: 
Contemporary Biological Anthropology in 2013: Integrative, Connected, and Relevant 
Vol. 116, Issue 2, 352–365, Article first published online: 26 MAY 2014 


Anthropology of Consciousness, Volume 25, Issue 2

Variability in the Emergence Point of Transpersonal Experience in the Life Cycle (143–164) 
Edward James Dale

Queer Indigenous Entropy: Sexual Circulation and the Conquest Narrative (165–180) 
Brian Joseph Gilley

Synergy, Healing and Empowerment: Insights from Cultural Diversity (181–185) 
Andrew Gurevich

Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru (186–187) 
Wendy Weissner 


Annals of Anthropological Practice, Volume 37, Issue 2

Anthropologists in the VA: A Generative Force (1–4) 
Elisa J. Sobo

Observers Observed: Exploring the Practice of Anthropology in the VA (5–19) 
Megan B. McCullough, Bridget Hahm and Sarah Ono

Anthropologist and Government Employee: A Description of Career Paths to Becoming an Applied Anthropologist With the U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs (20–39)) 
Gemmae M. Fix

The Role of Social Networks for Veterans With Spinal Cord Injury in Obtaining Employment (40–56) 
Bridget A. Cotner, Jennie Keleher, Danielle R. O'Connor, John K. Trainor and Lisa Ottomanelli

Evaluating Secure Messaging from the Veteran Perspective: Informing the Adoption and Sustained Use of a Patient-Driven Communication Platform (57–74) 
Jolie N. Haun, Jason D. Lind, Stephanie L. Shimada and Steven R. Simon

Empowering Veterans With PTSD in the Recovery Era: Advancing Dialogue and Integrating Services (75–91) 
Erin P. Finley

Gendered Social Roots of Homelessness Among Women Veterans (92–107) 
Alison B. Hamilton, Donna L. Washington and Jessica L. Zuchowski

"You Never Heard Jesus Say to Make Sure You Take Time Out for Yourself": Military Chaplains and the Stigma Of Mental Illness (108–129)
Karen Besterman-Dahan, Jason D. Lind and Theresa Crocker


Negotiating Domains of Patient Dignity In VA Spinal Cord Injury Units: Perspectives From Interdisciplinary Care Teams and Veterans (130–148) 
Jason D. Lind, Gail Powell-Cope, Margeaux A. Chavez, Marsha Fraser and Jeffrey Harrow

The Intersections of Gender and Power in Women Veterans' Experiences of Substance Use and VA Care (149–171) 
Ann M. Cheney, Audrey Dunn, Brenda M. Booth, Libby Frith and Geoffrey M. Curran

Afterword: Public Sector Anthropologists and New Directions for a Public Anthropology (172–180) 
Sarah S. Ono and Samantha L. Solimeo



Museum Anthropology, Volume 37, Issue 2

Embracing the Future of Museum Anthropology (85–86) 
Jennifer A. Shannon and Cynthia Chavez Lamar

Museum Anthropology: Conversations in the Field (87–101) 
Lillia McEnaney and Jennifer A. Shannon

Polysemic Objects and Partial Translations: Museums and the Interpretation of Indigenous Material Culture in Taiwan (102–117) 
Marzia Varutti

Crafting, Community, and Collaboration: Reflections on the Ethnographic Sala Project at the Pukara Lithic Museum, Peru (118–132) 
Elizabeth A. Klarich

Digital Heritage, Knowledge Networks, and Source Communities: Understanding Digital Objects in a Melanesian Society (133–143) 
Graeme Were

A Century of Circulation: The Return of the Smithsonian Institution's Duplicate Anthropological Specimens (144–159) 
Catherine A. Nichols

A Living Exhibition: The Smithsonian and the Transformation of the Universal Museum (160–162) 
Kylie Message

A Place That Matters Yet: John Gubbins's Museum Africa in the Postcolonial World (162–164) 
Richard Zimmer

Colonial Collecting and Display: Encounters with Material Culture from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (164–166) 
Carla M. Sinopoli

No Deal!: Indigenous Arts and the Politics of Possession (166–167) 
Haidy Geismar

Museums and Social Activism: Engaged Protest (167–168) 
Miranda J. Brady

In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum (168–170) 
Anya Montiel

Treasured Possessions: Indigenous Interventions into Cultural and Intellectual Property (170–171) 
Tressa Berman

Imagine Africa with the Penn Museum. Exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (172–174) 
Diana E. Marsh


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