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Vital Topics Forum Paper: On Latin@s and the Immigration Debate
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Vital Topics Forum Paper
On Latin@s and the Immigration Debate
On Latin@s and the Immigration Debate
Guest Editor: Arlene Dávila guest editor, et al.
If there has been one key “vital topic” in the United States in recent years, it is undoubtedly the immigration debate, particularly in regard to U.S. Latin@s. While immigration is a global phenomenon, and U.S. immigrants hail from a variety of destinations and nationalities, in the past decades the U.S. immigration debate has been largely relegated to a “Latino issue,” at the same time that the “undocumented” has become synonym with Latin@s and Mexicans.

This is the reason why this Vital Topics Forum focuses specifically on the immigration of Latin Americans to the United States, with the hope of shedding light onto some of the many insights that anthropologists have produced about this heated topic while contributing to larger theorizing about the role that race and racializing processes play in immigration debates more generally and beyond the United States.
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