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Economic Anthropology


Contents (i)

Moral Experience: Introduction (1-15)
Jarrett Zigon and C. Jason Throop

Attunement and Fidelity: Two Ontological Conditions for Morally Being-in-the-World (16-30)
Jarrett Zigon

Between Persons: How Concepts of the Person Make Moral Experience Possible (31-50)
Steven M. Parish

The Promise: On the Morality of the Marginal and the Illicit (51-64)
Angela Garcia

Moral Moods (65-83)
C. Jason Throop

Plotting a Moral Trajectory, Sans Papiers: Outlaw Motherhood as Inhabitable Space of Welcome (84-100)
Sarah S. Willen

Liberation upon Hearing: Voice, Morality, and Death in a Buddhist World (101-118)
Robert Desjarlais

The Moral Perils of a Superstrong Black Mother (119-138)
Cheryl Mattingly

Afterword: Moral Experience in Anthropology (139-152)
Thomas J. Csordas

African Children at Work: Working and Learning in Growing Up for Life. Gerd Spittler and Michael Bourdillon, eds. Zürich: LIT Verlag GmbH & Co. 2012. 360 pp. (e1-e2)
Reviewed by: Ashley E. Maynard

Economic Anthropology

Economic Anthropology (i)

Introducing an Inquiry into the Social Economies of Greed and Excess (1-16)
Rahul Oka and Ian Kuijt

System Failure: Institutions, Incentives, and Collective Folly (17-29)
James Surowiecki

Greed Is Bad, Neutral, and Good: A Historical Perspective on Excessive Accumulation and Consumption (30-48)
Rahul Oka and Ian Kuijt

Land, Labor, and Things: Surplus in a New West Indian Colony (1763-1807) (49-65)
Mark W. Hauser

Poverty and Excess in Binge Economies (66-79)
Richard Wilk

The Social and Economic Production of Greed, Cooperation, and Taste in an Ohio Food Auction (80-87)
Jeffrey H. Cohen and Susan M. Klemetti

Greed in a "Tribal" Economy? Acquisitiveness and Reciprocity in Lisu Society (88-103)
E. Paul Durrenberger and Kathleen Gillogly

Booms and Busts: Asset Dynamics, Disaster, and the Politics of Wealth in Rural Mongolia (104-123)
Daniel J. Murphy

Risk-Seeking Peasants, Excessive Artisans: Speculation in the Northern Andes (124-138)
Jason Antrosio and Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld

Loci of Greed in a Caribbean Paradise: Land Conflicts in Bocas del Toro, Panama (139-153)
Gayatri Thampy

The Potentiality and the Consequences of Surplus: Agricultural Production and Institutional Transformation in the Northern Basin of Mexico (154-166)
Christopher Morehart

The Problem of Greed in Economic Anthropology: Sumptuary Laws and New Consumerism in China (167-185)
Joseph Bosco

Folk and Scientific Concepts in the Study of Greed (186-192)
Robert C. Hunt

The Rich Possibilities of Greed and Excess (193-199)
Virginia R. Dominguez

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