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We are very pleased to announce the call for papers for our major conference 'Anthropology and Photography' is now open. The response to the call for panels was magnificent. It was a source of great regret that we were unable to accept all of those that we were offered. However, we hope that everyone will find something that they may find of interest in the array of topics that we have. You can submit your paper here The short-title list of panels is pasted in below.
P01 Anthropology and photography in the digital age
P02 Museums and Visitor Photography
P03 Relational resolutions: The role of digital images in ethnographic fieldwork
P04 Comparative studies in social media photography
P05 Reviving the archives as pictorial histories
P06 Folklore and Photography
P07 Images and Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives through the creation and distribution of the visual
P08 Ethno-photography of/in Iran: Past, present, and future
P09 Appropriating Photography: Global Technologies and Local Politics of Self-Representation
P10 Engaging Disaster: Photography on Unsettled Ground
P11 Critical Heritage and Photography
P12 Tourism and Photography
P13 Archiving Photographs and Photographing Archives
P14 Constructing and Contesting Imaginaries: Anthropology, Photography, and the Histories of Durable Visual Tropes
P15 Afterimages: Putting ethnography into the family album
P16 Elements toward a theory of mission photography
P17 Originals: The consequences of photography: reconstructing our view of the early anthropological surveys in the UK.
P18 Revisiting the gaze and reinterpreting images across space and time: Photography, subjects, and viewers
P19 Aboriginal Photographies
P20 Indigenous Interventions: Contemporary Photo-based Art and the Anthropological Archive
P21 Reasserting presence: reclamation, recognition and photographic desire
P22 Photography, Medicine and Anthropology
P23 One City, Multiple Stories: Visual Narratives of London Urbanism
P24 Opaque Imaging Technology in Anthropology and Museum Practice
P25 Photography, new technologies and the predicament of the frame: theoretical and methodological reflections
P26 Anthropology of social networking: growing visuality of digital cultures and meanings conveyed by SNS images
P27 Archives, Art and Text
P28 Photography as a research method
P29 Visibility of dissent: meanings and repercussions of urban activism through digital photography and video
P30 Archaeology and Photography
P31 Changing hands, changing times? The social and aesthetic relevance of archival photographs and archival methodologies
P32 The Image in Motion: Photofilm and Visual Ethnographies
P33 Edward S Curtis and the early history of visual anthropology
We are also very pleased to announce that the opening key-note address will be delivered by Professor Elizabeth Edwards, a world leader in this field.
We would like to outline one specific aspect of the conference's organisation. As the conference's theme centres around photography, we would like to offer the opportunity to all delegates who have registered for the conference as a whole to display their own fieldwork photographs. These may be of any aspect of anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology, material culture or museum studies, ethnography, and so on).
This may be achieved in two ways. If a delegate would like to organize, or has the budget for a physical exhibition, they are most welcome to book a display table for the foyer of the Clore Centre. This costs £300, but includes two delegate registrations. Space is limited, and those interested should contact Ms Nafisa Fera on
Additionally, all registered and paid-up delegates will have the possibility without charge of taking part in a virtual exhibition which the RAI will maintain publicly accessible on the conference web-pages during the conference and indefinitely after that time. The idea of this is to give a comprehensive snap-shot of anthropological photography that all can participate in, which will form a searchable permanent visual record of the conference's considerations.
We hope that each delegate will be able to submit up to twelve photographs, with accompanying meta-date. The RAI will reserve the right to refuse to exhibit any image for technical, ethical or copyright reasons, but will not otherwise exclude any image.
Further details on this will be available in due course. In the meantime, we would encourage Fellows to submit papers as soon as they can (the closing date is 8th January), so that we can develop a sense of numbers. First indications are that it will be very well subscribed. General enquiries may be made to, as always.
Yours faithfully
David Shankland
Director, RAI.


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