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A Portrait of Lucian Freud

Julian Barnes

On Capri they show you the sheer cliff from which those who displeased the Emperor Tiberius were reportedly flung. The court of Freud was similarly absolutist in its punishments. The background of Large Interior, Notting Hill originally held the figure of Jerry Hall breastfeeding her baby. She sat thus for several months, until one day she called in sick. When, a couple of days later, she was still unfit to pose, the enraged Freud painted over her face and inserted that of his assistant. More


Peter Pomerantsev

There are any number of paths into sistema, the liquid mass of networks, corruptions and evasions which has ordered the politics and social psychology of Russian civilisation since tsarist times. My initiation took the form of a driving test. I would never pass, my instructor explained, if I didn’t pay a bribe. When I protested that I wanted to pass the test for real he said the traffic police would fail me until I paid up. I gave him the money and he made the deal. More

Amazon’s Irresistible Rise

Deborah Friedell

In 1994, Jeff Bezos made a list of things that he might be able to sell in great quantities over the internet. It included clothes, computer software and office supplies. What he liked about books was that they were ‘pure commodities’: copies of the latest Stephen King sold online would be no better or worse than those sold in shops. But no actual shop was big enough to offer all the three million-plus books in print. More

Wrong Turn in Sarajevo

Thomas Laqueur

On the 525th anniversary of the Serbian defeat at Kosovo the archduke and his wife paid a state visit to Bosnia. It didn’t occur to anyone that this might have been an inauspicious date. But then, why should it have? More


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