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【LRB】VOL. 35 NO. 22/ A Death in Jenin / Adam Shatz


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Volume 35 Number 22 21 November 2013





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A Death in Jenin

Adam Shatz

Though he may have given his life to the Palestinian cause, Juliano Mer-Khamis was not killed by an Israeli bullet. The man who shot him was Palestinian, and probably from the Jenin refugee camp. Juliano loved the camp – no one doubts that. But he seemed to forget that he was a guest there, and that the more deeply he penetrated the life of the camp, the more cautiously he had to tread. More

Bretton Woods

Jamie Martin

Over the course of several meetings from the summer of 1942, John Maynard Keynes and his American counterpart, Harry Dexter White, traded blows over how to rewrite the monetary rules of the international economy. They made curious sparring partners. White remarked to the British economist Lionel Robbins, ‘your Baron Keynes sure pees perfume.’ More

Edel v. the Rest

Anne Diebel

Leon Edel’s pact with Harry James afforded him near exclusive access to Henry James’s papers for the four decades it took him to complete his five-volume biography. Not only did he become forbiddingly territorial about the archive, but his possessiveness was bizarrely personal: he took to wearing on the same finger the topaz ring James had worn for John Singer Sargent’s 1913 portrait. More

Ancestor Worship

James C. Scott

The subtitle of Jared Diamond’s new foray into deep history, ‘What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?’, suggests, without a trace of irony, that it might be more at home in the self-help section of the bookstore. What could these historical relics possibly teach the wired, hyper-modernist residents of Diamond’s home village of Los Angeles? More


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