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Mailer’s Last Punch

Andrew O’Hagan

Norman was sitting at his dining table looking wiry and small. He walked with two sticks and was six months from death. He was reading the New York Times and circling things: he had on one of those armless, fleecy windcheaters and a pair of Ugg boots. ‘I’ll never win the Nobel Prize, you know,’ he said. ‘Why are you so sure?’ ‘Because I stabbed my wife.’ More

In Bed with the Police

Katrina Forrester

Bob Lambert advocated ‘using the tool of sex to maintain your cover’, and his strategies proved influential. Officers looked to success stories like Lambert’s for tactical tips. How should a new undercover cop gain the trust of the group? Find a woman. How should he stop a woman getting attached, interfering with his work or blowing his cover? Shag another. More

What It Takes to Win at Sport

Benjamin Markovits

Cricket, cycling, rugby, tennis, golf. The Olympics. Britain these days wins a little more often, loses a little less often. It’s hard to generalise about the reasons: there are too many of them, and some have nothing to do with countries or cultures or organisations. But if you look closely at different victories, threads begin to appear, names and places crop up again and again. Lottery funding; TV contracts; Loughborough University. More

Charles Manson

Christian Lorentzen

Manson’s pronouncements became more apocalyptic when the Beatles’ White Albumcame out. Its songs contained prophetic codes about a coming race war: the blacks would rise up and enslave the white pigs; the Family would wait out the carnage in a city underneath the desert in Death Valley, where they would grow in number to 144,000; then they would emerge to rule the world, which the blacks would gladly hand over, having found they weren’t up to the task. More


Also in this issue

Short Cuts

Dominic Dromgoole and Clive Stafford Smith

In Delville Wood

Neal Ascherson


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