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【新着図書・ジャーナル】 no. 74



1. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute [全文読めます(学内専用)]

Beyond the suffering subject: toward an anthropology of the good (pages 447–462)

Joel Robbins


The politics of scorn in Syria and the agency of narrated involvement (pages 463–481)

Paul Anderson


Omarakana revisited, or ‘do dual organizations exist?’ in the Trobriands (pages 482–509)

Mark S. Mosko


Pocket calculator: a humdrum ‘obviator’ in Papua New Guinea? (pages 510–526)

Anthony J. Pickles


The contested rewe: sacred sites, misunderstandings, and ontological pluralism in Mapuche land negotiations (pages 527–544)

Piergiorgio Di Giminiani


To cry one's distress: death, emotion, and ethics among the Warao of the Orinoco Delta (pages 545–561)

Olivier Allard


Assisted existence: an ethnography of being in Ecuador (pages 562–580)

Elizabeth F.S. Roberts


On the materials of mats: thinking through design in a Melanesian society (pages 581–599)

Graeme Were


Speech, silence, and slave descent in highland Madagascar (pages 600–617)

Luke Freeman


The problem of peers in Vietnamese interaction (pages 618–638)

Jack Sidnell and Merav Shohet


Do ‘we’ ‘do’ God? Linda Woodhead & Rebecca Catto (eds), Religion and change in modern Britain. London: Routledge. (pages 639–644)

Simon Coleman


The state of whose art? Reply to Nick Enfield's review of Language: the cultural tool(pages 645–648)

Daniel L. Everett


Rejoinder to Daniel Everett (page 649)

N.J. Enfield


The opposite of Evans-Pritchard (pages 650–655)

Richard Werbner



2. アフリカ(Africa) 2013 Vol.53 秋号




アフリカ教会 会長 松浦 晃一郎





外務省 アフリカ部長 岡本 善文




アフリカ協会 理事長 堀内 伸介


3. TLS 5763


TLS September 13, 2013


4. TLS 5764


LINDISFARNE GOSPELS Palace Green Library, Durham, until September 30

5London Review of Books 35(18)


David Bromwich: Putin to the Rescue



LRB Cover



6.The New York Review of Books




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