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 Beltoon was told that the index finger of his right hand was the Shahadat, the finger of ‘witness’, the digit of Allah. He was told hemust use this finger on the suicide vest to be sure of his place in paradise. He must be sure to flick the switch firmly with this finger. More
Rosemary Hill: At the Proms
Glen Newey: Couvade
Laura Dean: In Cairo
Nick Holdstock: ‘It’s not fair if you don’t let us cheat’ 
The Turkish Left
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad 
 Street fighting has its logic. There is usually a cadre of a few young men, crazed by tear gas, who lead the clashes against the police, occupyingno-man’s-land and engaging the enemy. Behind them are several dozen on the actual front line; behind them are the masses. The crazies bait the police, the dozens man the barricades and the masses occupy. More
Who needs the DSM?
Ian Hacking 
 There have been many systems for classifying mental illness, but all seem to me to be on the botanical model, and that has been their fatal flaw.Perhaps in the end the DSM will be regarded as a reductio ad absurdum of the botanical project in the field of insanity. More
Kathleen Jamie 
 In April this year a sperm whale appeared in Oban Bay and remained there for nine days, long enough for word to spread and various experts topronounce. That it wasn’t set upon, tortured and speared to death, as would have been the case not so long ago, surely marks a sea-change in human sensibility. On the contrary, if anyone had harassed the creature, well, they’d have been the one flensed. More
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Short Cuts
Adam Shatz
At Tate Britain
John Barrell:
L.S. Lowry
At the Movies
Michael Wood
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Adam Mars-Jones: Eimear McBride
Benjamin Kunkel: Boris Groys
Wes Enzinna: In Varna
Mike Jay: Ballooning’s Golden Age
Peter Green: Persia v. the West
Poems by Lee Harwood and Rae Armantrout
Rachel Kushner in conversation with Nina Power
Thursday 22 August
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