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IFRA's Young Researchers Network

IFRA has been supporting research in the humanities and social sciences for more than 35 years in East Africa. IFRA is based on a network of students, researchers and partner institutions. This network is now IFRA’s most valuable resource to generate and disseminate knowledge, to catalyze cooperation and allow effective fundraising (the project).
This network is broad but remained informal: the creation of the Young Researchers Network is the first step to enhance IFRA's network. All master students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers can join the network for free and be entitled to:

-A membership card (convertible in business cards)
-An official IFRA email
-Access to the library
-Access to the IFRA’s "Contacts” database
-Administrative support for the licensing of free search
-Receiving a weekly newsletter grouping calls and communications consultancies in the region
-The publication of research notes or papers on one of IFRA’s dissemination platforms

To join IFRA's Network please fill the form available on our website :

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