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【NYU】Summer Course Media Ethnography and Practice-led Media Research


ニューヨーク大学より、現代社会における visual- audio media に焦点を当てた夏期講座のお知らせです。

visual な現象が現代社会におけるアイデンティティや文化的形成の過程にどのような多様な役割を果たしているのかといったことが問われるようです。trans-cultural / transnational/ cross-sultural な観点が重視されています。また、理論と実践的調査を橋渡ししながら研究を推進するやり方が学べそうです。

Media Ethnography and Practice-led Media Research

May 28- June 14th

Allen Feldman,

Associate Professor
Department of Media Culture and Communication
New York University.


The course focuses on the theories and methods of media/sensory ethnography, visual culture, and media archeology, through the linked topics of transcultural and trans-local processes, diaspora identities, the post colonial and human rights. The curriculum is aimed at graduate students from diverse disciplines who want to explore creative media practice as a research methodology. This course provides students with theoretical and practical grounding in multi-sited action research in trans-cultural and transnational settings. Through social historical and trans-cultural ethnographic perspectives practice-led pedagogy promotes a self- reflexive contextual and critical understanding of the use of media for the conduct and dissemination of research and the creation of social knowledge through participatory cultural production. Practice-led media research is the theory, social history pedagogy and circulation of social science and humanities research through the production of film, video, internet, visual arts and other screen/audio based media. Practice-led research overcomes divisions between social theory and action-research, and between creative practice and evidence-based research. An important focus is the use of visual media to convey ideas and distinctive understandings about the world. There is a strong emphasis on comprehending visual phenomena in cross-cultural perspective and on the multifarious roles played by media in processes of identity and cultural formation in the world today.



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