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【VAF】 4.1-5.31/ Hafez Audio-Visual Poetry Competition


VAFよりお知らせです。ベルギーのLaurent Van Lancker氏が立ち上げた ウェブ参加型プロジェクト にて、コンペティションが開催されます。

今回は、イランの詩人Hafez の詩に彼自身の詩で応答したというゲーテの逸話から、Hafez の詩に "artistic audiovisual response" を捧げようという企画です。これもまた Lancker氏監督の『Surya』 の流れに位置づけられるのでしょうか。
HPにて、visual audio 体験が楽しめます。ぜひ訪問してみてください。
Diwans.orgのフライヤーはこちら→ DiwansFlyerDEF.pdf is a participative, artistic web project aiming for intercultural
dialogue through audiovisual poetry.
200 years ago, the German author Goethe discovered the poetry of Hafez, a
Persian poet who lived in the 14th century and is still loved both in Iran
and abroad today. Goethe was so touched by these poems, that he replied to
Hafez by writing his own poetry.
We invite you to experience the same: discover Hafez on and
explore how people before you have been inspired by his poetry, then create
your own artistic audiovisual response and share it by uploading it to the
The jury, consisting of An van
, Arjang Omrani <> and Fery
will award a prize of 500$ to one single participation. All entries will be
part of the universe and can be selected for upcoming screening
at events and festivals <>.
For more information on how to upload your creation, visit our website en
click the “participate” button.
This competition is part of a wider project encompassing Hafez, Goethe and
many contemporary artists. To find out more about this project visit our
Due to technical incompatibility we advise you to visit the website with a
browser other than Internet Explorer.
You can also find us on
twitter <> and write us for further questions
at contact.
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