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【RAI】RAI News: Anthropology and Photography Conference & Research MA at the University of Buckingham


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Dear Fellow,


Amongst many things which are happening at the institute, there are two particularly important new developments which I should like to share with you. The first of these is that the dates for our conference Anthropology and Photography which will take place at the British Museum are now settled. It will take place over the last three days of May 2014 (29th-31st May). Further details will go out in due course. We can say now, however, that it is intended that the conference will cover this theme in the widest possible way: the history of the use of photography in anthropology, the role of photography in ethnographic fieldwork, the place that photography has in creating the permanent record of the discipline (and its influence on intellectual pathways), the changing role of photography today. This last, of course, will include digital media and the changing relationships between anthropologists and the peoples they study.  There will be an open call for panels, and there will be doubtless be many other ideas and proposals. All ideas, and preliminary expressions of interest please We imagine that the formal call for panels will go out in the late summer/early autumn.


The second of these is that, in association with the University of Buckingham, the RAI has developed a research MA. Further details may be read at this link: The MA, it should be noted, is by research, which means that after an initial series of sessions, students will be allocated a supervisor in their chosen area. The MA also covers ethnographic film. We therefore encourage applications in any appropriate aspect of anthropological study, and both textual and more visual proposals are welcome. Tuition will take place at the institute, and students will have full encouragement to study and use our extensive library, photograph and archive collections. If you yourself would be interested in this possibility, or know of anyone who might be interested, then of course we should be delighted to hear from you!


In closing, the film festival web-site is now live and can be seen here:


All good wishes



David Shankland

Director, RAI.

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