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1. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
May 2013 Volume 19, Issue Supplement S1  (すべてオンラインで読めます [学内専用])
© Royal Anthropological Institute
Special Issue: Blood will out: essays on liquid transfers and flows. Edited by Janet Carsten
Pages S1–S184
blood will out (pages S1–S23)
Janet Carsten
Lifeblood, liquidity, and cash transfusions: beyond metaphor in the cultural study of finance (pages S24–S41)
Kath Weston
The way blood flows: the sacrificial value of intravenous drip use in Northeast Brazil (pages S42–S56)
Maya Mayblin
‘Searching for the truth’: tracing the moral properties of blood in Malaysian clinical pathology labs (pages S130–S148)
Janet Carsten
The art of bleeding: memory, martyrdom, and portraits in blood (pages S149–S171)
Jacob Copeman
2.  TLS   April 12 2013 No. 5741
Published: 12 April 2013 (研究室でお読みください)
[TLS: Facebook]
Andrew Sharp
Eric Naiman
Brian Dillon
An injunction against a Poet Laureate (brought by himself), Richard Brautigan the out-of-step gunslinger, Edward Dorn the author of Gunslinger – A note from the Deputy Editor
Published: 24 April 2013
3. London Review of Books
Volume 35 Number 7, 11 April 2013 (各記事の途中まで読めます。全文読めるものもあり)
Nicholas Spice
Robert Darnton
The National Digital Public Library Is Launched! 
Cathleen Schine
A Genius for Disaster/
Odds Against Tomorrow by Nathaniel Rich
Larry McMurtry
What Woody Wrote/
House of Earth by Woody Guthrie, edited and introduced by Douglas Brinkley and Johnny Depp
Robert O. Paxton
Vichy Lives!—In a Way/
L’Héritage de Vichy: Ces 100 mesures toujours en vigueur [The Heritage of Vichy: One Hundred Measures That Are Still in Force] by Cécile Desprairies, with a preface by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
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