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1. Anthropology of Consciousness
American Anthropological Association
May 2013 Volume 24, Issue 1 Pages 1–91  (全部フリーで読めます。 )
Cover image for Vol. 24 Issue 1
“Not to Be Aware Anymore”: Indigenous Sumatran Ideas and Shamanic Experiences of Changed States of Awareness/Consciousness (pages 7–31)
Nathan Porath
Fluid Divination: Movement, Chaos, and the Generation of “Noise” in Afro-Cuban Spiritist Oracular Production (pages 32–56)
Diana Espirito Santo
Expanding Western Definitions of Shamanism: A Conversation with Stephan Beyer, Stanley Krippner, and Hillary S. Webb (pages 57–75)
Hillary S. Webb
2. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa
(↓↓ この論文1本のみフリーで読めます。)
John A.J. Gowlett & Richard W. Wrangham
pages 5-30
The development of iron technology in precolonial western Uganda
Louise Iles
pages 65-90
Jared Diamond’s other worlds, compulsory reading for the military, grandiose triptychs
– A note from the History Editor
Published: 3 April 2013
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[Anthropology]  (研究室でお読みください)
Ira Bashkow/ Village Lessons
Jared Diamond The World Until Yesterday: What can we learn from traditional societies?
In this week’s TLS Published: 17 April 2013
J. Robert Oppenheimer and the nuclear arms race, the monstrous Père Ubu, and the point of The Merry Wives of Windsor
– A note from the Deputy Editor
4. Anthropology Today
Royal Anthropological Institute
April 2013 Volume 29, Issue 2 Pages i–ii, 1–32 (すべてオンラインで読めます)
Cover image for Vol. 29 Issue 2
Being Muslim in South Sudan (Respond to this article at (pages 2–3)
Noah Salomon
Writing development (Respond to this article at (pages 4–7)
Bengt G. Karlsson
Privatizing the borders: Human rights and the British visa regime (Respond to this article at (pages 8–12)
Deema Kaneff
Hydraulically fractured: Unconventional gas and anthropology (Respond to this article at (pages 13–17)
Kim de Rijke
Religion, the state, and the Vietnamese lunar new year (Respond to this article at (pages 18–22)
Patrick McAllister
5. Anthro Guide 2012-2013 Revised (研究室で閲覧ください)
Guide to Organizations and Programs
Directory of Members
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