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【新着図書・ジャーナル】 no. 43



1.The New York Review of Books LX, 6

Miguel Hernández,
Don Share,
Jeffrey Yang
A Poem by Miguel Hernández (poem)

Sanford Schwartz
Surrealism Made Fresh
Drawing Surrealism an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, October 21, 2012–January 6, 2013; and the Morgan Library and Museum, New York City, January 25–April 21, 2013

Kenneth Roth
What Rules Should Govern US Drone Attacks?

2. TLS March 15 2013(←研究室でお読みください)

In this week's TLS 
The Times Literary Supplement

(In this week’s TLS Published: 27 March 2013

3. London Review of Books
Volume 35 Number, 21 March 2013 (←研究室でお読みください)


David Runciman
How can it work?: American Democracy

4. Journal of Eastern African Studies Volume 7, Issue 1, 2013
 (コンテンツと Abstracts のみ閲覧可)


Environmental mainstreaming and post-sovereign governance in Tanzania
Carl Death
pages 1-20

Towards understanding ambivalence in educational policy outcomes in Kenya
Teresa A. Wasonga
pages 21-39

5. American Ethnologist
February 2013
Volume 40, Issue 1
Pages 1–240


American Ethnologist HP (こちらからもフリーで読めます。)

Angelique Haugerud, Editor’s foreword: AE’s keywords by decade

Laura M. Ahearn, Commentary: Keywords as literacy practice in the history of anthropological theory

【Science, Ethics, Humanitarianism】
P. W. Geissler, Public secrets in public health: Knowing not to know while making scientific knowledge

Peter Redfield, Commentary: Eyes wide shut in transnational science and aid

Citizenship, Rights, Justice

Francisco Ferrándiz, Exhuming the defeated: Civil War mass graves in 21st-century Spain

Winifred Tate, Proxy citizenship and transnational advocacy: Colombian activists from Putumayo to Washington, DC

Austin Zeiderman, Living dangerously: Biopolitics and urban citizenship in Bogotá, Colombia

【Cell Phones, Youth, and Intimate Economy in Mozambique】
Julie Soleil Archambault, Cruising through uncertainty: Cell phones and the politics of display and disguise in Inhambane, Mozambique

Christian Groes-Green, “To put men in a bottle”: Eroticism, kinship, female power, and transactional sex in Maputo, Mozambique

【Materiality, Design, Politics】
Keith M. Murphy, A cultural geometry: Designing political things in Sweden

【A Multispecies Approach to Biopower】
Natalie Porter, Bird flu biopower: Strategies for multispecies coexistence in Việt Nam

【Religion, Rights, Morality】
Angie Heo, The bodily threat of miracles: Security, sacramentality, and the Egyptian politics of public order

Judith Scheele, A pilgrimage to Arawān: Religious legitimacy, status, and ownership in Timbuktu

Jeremy F. Walton, Confessional pluralism and the civil society effect: Liberal mediations of Islam and secularism in contemporary Turkey

Jarrett Zigon, On love: Remaking moral subjectivity in postrehabilitation Russia

6. 観光学評論 1(1) 2013


【特集論文 観光学の確立に向けて】




1.  句集 四季続抄
坂口至 2013 

2.  春風万里: 不晩怠齋筆録
千島英一 2013 両神書房

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