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【VAF】 オンライン学術誌 Visual Ethnography


イタリア、バジリカータ大学の研究者が中心なって編集している、査読付きオンライン学術誌VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY についての情報です。


Vol. 1, No 2, December 2012
is online at

The journal is free, but register to read and watch the contents.


Focus and Scope

Visual Ethnography is an online international peer-reviewed journal
dedicated to researches on the production and the use of images and
audiovisual ('old' and 'new') media in the socio-cultural practices;
on the ethnographic representation through audiovisual media and
devices; on the gaze and the practices where vision is an important
item for the construction of the meaning in the social relationships
and practices; on the visual dimension of objects, bodies, places and
Moreover, the journal reserves a space for articles devoted to
reflections on theories
and methods of anthropology.

Visual Ethnography publishes two issues a year in five languages:
Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The interests of Visual Ethnography cross visual anthropology, media
anthropology, visual cultures, museography, photography, contemporary
art, cultural studies, film studies, anthropology of the senses,
digital cultures, anthropological theory.

Visual Ethnography publishes two issues a year also in Italian,
French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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