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【URBANITIES】 2(2) November 2012 - is available on-line!


URVANITIES 2 (2) 2012年11月号、ココからダウンロードできます。

URBANITIES is an on-line, open-access peer-reviewed academic journal. It was founded in 2011 and is published twice a year (in May and in November). The journal’s scope is to provide a forum for debate on issues of scientific and public interest worldwide. It aims at providing the scientific community and the general public with up-to-date news on urban research and its relevance in understanding the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental changes of today’s world. 

URBANITIES  aims at publishing original articles on research at the forefront of the discipline, at exploring new trends and debates in Urban Anthropology that promote critical scholarship in international anthropology and at highlighting the contribution of urban research to the broader society. Articles published in the journal are ethnographically based and address theoretical, methodological or public issues concerning all aspects of urban research. URBANITIES  is also committed to promoting comparative debate and research between socio-cultural anthropology and other cognate disciplines.

(参考までに邦訳: URBANITIES はオンライン型オープンアクセスの学術専門誌です。


ジャーナルで出版された論文は、民族誌的研究に基づき、都市研究についてのあらゆる諸観点に関する理論的、方法論的、公的問題に取り組むものである。URBANITIES はまた、社会・文化人類学と他の関連分野間の比較研究と議論の促進に尽力する。)

Urbanities - The Journal of the IUAES Commission on Urban Anthropology
ISSN:  2239-5725

For details on how to submit, please visit the journal’s website: 

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editorial Board at:


Dr Giuliana B. Prato
Chair, Commission on Urban Anthropology, IUAES
School of Anthropology and Conservation,
Marlowe Building
University of Kent, Canterbury,
Kent CT2 7NR, UK


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