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【SAW】 Internship program 〆切 3/15


(Deadline March 15, 2013)
SAW Internship Program
The Society for the Anthropology of Work welcomes applications from pre-doctoral students for a paid internship for 8 weeks during the summer of 2013 at United Workers (, a community-based, labor rights group in Baltimore, Maryland. The SAW scholar would work with the community group on their ongoing qualitative research. Specifics of the summer project would depend upon the intern’s particular research interests and on negotiations with United Workers, but the SAW Intern would be expected to summarize their work on the SAW website and in a column for Anthropology News.  The stipend for the summer would be $2000, with housing possible through United Workers. 

Interested applicants should send a narrative of no more than 3 pages outlining their interest in the anthropology of work and their goals for the summer internship, a c.v., an official transcript from their doctoral program and a sealed recommendation letter from a faculty advisor (this may be sent separately).

(参考までに邦訳: 仕事の人類学学会は、メリーランド州ボルチモアの地域密着型・労働権利団体 United Workers (での、2013年夏季8週間の博士号取得前の学生に向けた有給インターンシップへの申請を募集しています。SAWの研究者は各自進行中の質的調査をコミュニティ・グループと共に進めることになります。夏季プロジェクトの詳細はインターン生による特定の調査関心とUnited Workersとの交渉によって変わってきますが、SAWのインターン生は各自の仕事をSAWのウェブサイトとAnthropology Newsに向けのコラム上にまとめることが期待されています。夏季賃金は2000ドルになる予定で、United Workersを通じて住宅供給も可能です。


Please address all application materials and questions to:
Samuel Collins
Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Towson University
8000 York Rd
Towson, MD 21252

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