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AAAより、Anthropology News 一月の特集 Breaking Boundaries と Beyond Capitalism を中心としたリンクです。ご活用ください。

Current January-February content on


. notes from the field | douglas carl reeser | Infrastructural Violence and the Belizean Health System

. Anthropology in the Public Sector | Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger, and Samantha L. Solimeo |Anais Tuepker | Approaching Research as Reciprocal Service

. the world is curved | Michael E Harkin | Crisis in Higher Ed, Part 1

. MIDDLE EAST MUDDLE| Daniel Martin Varisco |Drone Strikes


IN FOCUS: Breaking Boundaries

. Laura Nader | Of Area Studies and Intellectual Boundaries

. William D Lopez| Louis F Graham |Mark Padilla| Angela Reyes| Boundaries in the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants

. Dolly Kikon | Tasty Transgressions

. Amina Tawasil | On the Edge of Protest in Tehran

. Karen Velasquez | Transcending Linguistic Boundaries at Work

. Crystal Andrea Felima | African American-Haitian Blan

. Michelle Walks | Feminine Pregnancy as Cultural Fetish

. Aminata Cairo | Building Bridges

IN FOCUS: Beyond Capitalism

. Boone Shear|Brian Burke | Beyond Critique

. Paige West | James Igoe| Imagining and Actualizing and Anthropology of Non-Capitalist Possibilities

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