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【新着図書・ジャーナル】 no. 32



1. TLS January 4 2013(← 研究室でお読みください)
 Ireland talking/  Declan Kiberd on 'The Bell'...
  The rediscovery of witches/ Phil Baker  etc.
  In this week's TLS (簡単な内容紹介のみネット上で閲覧可能)
  The Times Literary Supplement

2.The New York Review of Books
January 10, 2013 • Volume 60, Number 1  (内容読めます)
Joy/ Zadie Smith
Lincoln a film directed by Steven Spielberg / David Bromwich

3. Anthropology News
   American Anthropological Association
   December 2012
   Volume 53, Number 10
 (Wileyにて、53(2)February 2012までしかアクセスできません。研究室でお読みください)


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