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<Dynamics of Marriage/Divorce-related Migration in Asia>
【日時】 2012年12月15日(土)9:30~17:30
【会場】東京外国語大学 本郷サテライト・キャンパス 301,401号室 [受付:401号室]
Tel: 045-922-5511(代), Fax: 045-922-5517
Saturday, December 15, 2012
 Dynamics of Marriage/Divorce-related Migration in Asia
Joint Research Project, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa(ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Sponsored by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Seminar rooms 301 & 401 (registration desk at 401), Hongo Campus, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Room 401
Keynote speech   "Marriage Migrants and their Challenge in Taiwan" Hsia, Hsiao-Chuan (Shih Hsin University, Taiwan)
【Session 1】Trans-border Marriage and the Issue of Legal Status: Citizenship and Nationality
“Mainland Chinese Marriage Migrants in the Taiwanese Workplace: A Contact Zone Approach to the Citizenship Issue”Jou-juo Chu (National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
"Legal Problems of Marriage between the Irregular workers from Myanmar and Thai People in Thailand" Chatchai Chetsumon (Thammasat University, Thailand)
 “Transnational Marriage and Stateless People”Chen Tien-Shi (National Museum of Anthropology, Japan)
【Session 2】 Trans-border Marriage, Divorce and Children
“Lives in limbo: the unsuccessful marriages in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands” Caroline Grillot (Macquarie University, Holland)
“International Parental Child Abduction and Japan” Itsuko Kamoto (Kyoto Women’s University, Japan)
"Lives of Child Migrants from Cross-border Marriages- Vietnamese Women to Korean, after divorce"Le Hien Anh (Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University)
【Session 3】 Trans-border Intimacy and “Return” Migration of Children
 “Issues and Challenges Faced by Returning Migrant Children in Relation to Cross-border Divorce in Indonesia” Andrio A. Muktiwibowo (University of Indonesia)
“Unexpected Tourists and Accidental Citizens :Imaging and Imagining Mainland Mothers and Hong Kong Babies” Tsung-yi Michelle Huang (National Taiwan University)
“End of Transnational Intimacy and Return Migration of Children from Japan to Thailand” Kayoko Ishii (Toyo Eiwa University, Japan)
Room 301
【Session 1 】Migrant Workers and Trans-border Intimacy 
 “From ‘Contract Workers’ to ‘Immigrant Spouses’: Cases of Thais in Taiwan” Ching-lung Tsay, Han-wei Liu (Tamkang University, Taiwan), Khun-jung Cheng (National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan)
“Sink or Swim in Marital Relationships: Indonesian Female Migrant Workers in Hong Kong”  Eva F. Nisa (Australian National University)
“Indonesian marriage migrants to East Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea): Trends under political and social pressure” Mika Okushima (Tenri University, Japan)
【Session 2】 Trans-border Marriage: Narratives and Gap 
“Intimacy and Estrangement: Narratives of Filipino Female Workers Married to Foreign Muslims Abroad”Akiko Watanabe (Toyo University, Japan)
“Another Migration: Chinese Korean Marriage Migration’s Contributory Effect”Saihanjuna (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
Marriage Migration between Korea and Japan”Satoko Takeda (Meisei University, Japan)
【Session 3 】Marriage Migrants: Integration, Assimilation or Something Else?
“Why Do Offspring of Caucasian Muslims in Sarawak, Malaysia Assimilate?Caesar Dealwis (MARA University of Technology, Malaysia)
 “The Formation of a ‘Multicultural Family’ through a Taiwanese–Vietnamese Marriage”Misaki Iwai (Kanda University of International Studies, Japan)
 “The Need to Belong: Narratives of Cross-border Marriage Migrants from the Philippines” Linda A. Lumayag (University of Malaya, Malaysia)


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