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英国王立人類学協会(RAI)より、Body Canvas Photo Competitionの案内がきています。詳細は以下のメールを参照にしてください。要点は、テーマは1)タットゥーとスカリフィケーション(医療用のメスや器具で直接皮膚や身体を装飾する行為)、2)ピアッシングと身体の再成形です。参加は人類学、写真、身体等に「学術的に」関心がある者は誰でも参加できます。この夏休み、これは凄いぞ、美しいぞ(社会、文化、芸術的に)、というボディ装飾に出会ったら、是非、撮影してキャプションをつけ、コンペに参加してみましょう。ただし、R指定、アダルト系や性的志向、生殖器などの写真は受けつけられませんし、日本の場合、ボディ装飾は社会的にネガティヴな側面がありますので、撮影対象者や撮影場所には十分に配慮し、トラブルが起きる可能性がある撮 影は絶対に回避してください。参加希望者は、テーマに関連した写真(10MB以下、4枚までOK)とキャプションが必要となりますが、詳細は以下にリンクしてください。英文等が理解できない場合は慶田までご連絡ください。私のほうでまとめて応募します。締め切りは2012年9月30日!



The Royal Anthropological Institute has launched its third international photo competition.The Body Canvas is open to anyone interested in photography, anthropology and science communication and explores the topic of body art and modification. Categories include: 1) tattoos and scarification, 2) piercings and body reshaping. Deadline for submissions is 30th September 2012.  For prizes, guidelines and further information

We would be very grateful if you could forward this to colleagues, friends or others who would be interested in participating in the competition.

Thank-you in advance and we look forward to receiving your submissions! 




The RAI’s Body Canvas photo competition aims to:

• promote public engagement with the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme

• provide a platform for people to share their work and become actively involved in anthropology 

• develop an understanding for the personal, social and political reasons why people undergo permanent body modification 

• explore the many ways in which communities around the world develop and express relationships with their bodies 

• explore the industry of body modification, the artists, doctors and craftsmen who practise their trade


The submissions we are looking for:

Engaging photographs that explore biological, cross-cultural and social elements of body art and modification in relation to these categories:

1) Tattoos and Scarification

2) Piercings and Body Reshaping


Who can participate?

The competition is open to anyone interested in anthropology, photography and science communication.


What do contestants win?

All short-listed and winning contestants will have their work published in RAI online and printed materials. In addition, for each thematic category a £100 gift voucher will be awarded to the winning photograph.


Deadline for submissions 30th September 2012 

For further information and submission guidelines please  

To get some ideas, take a look at our previous Photo Competitions on our flickr page:

Thank you again for your co-operation!




Nafisa Fera

Education and Communications Officer


Royal Anthropological Institute

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7387 0455

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