International Exchange Committee Events

The Faculty of Letters has formed the International Exchange Committee to assist in the enrollment of international students and to provide support for their personal and academic lives. The Committee holds various events and invites all students and faculty members to work together in building an international community.

Orientation The orientation is held for newly enrolled students, and upon request, a tutor and an advisor will support you in the orientation. The orientation is planned for April, 10th.
Welcome Party The committee will hold a party to welcome international students who are enrolled in the Faculty of Letters. It is a great opportunity for all students, both international and Japanese, faculty members, and tutors to interact and get to know each other. An orientation in October will also be held for students beginning in the second semester.
International Student Field Trip There are two field trips organized for international students to explore Kumamoto. A one-day field trip is held by the Faculty of Letters. In addition, a two-day, field trip is organized by Kumamoto University in January. International students are welcome to participate in both trips.